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Bob Dylan Podcast – Episode 1

Posted by Podmaster On September - 11 - 2014


Patti Smith hosts music and conversation about Bob Dylan. His friends, early influences and collaborators discuss their close relationships with Dylan, the stories behind his greatest songs and other memorable moments of his career. Journalists and biographers add critical insights and provide historical contexts. A few of today’s singer-songwriters also detail how Dylan’s art influenced their own lives and careers. We also hear comments from Dylan, himself, from interviews recorded throughout the last 45 years.



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Producer: Joyride Media

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4 Responses to “Bob Dylan Podcast – Episode 1”

  1. Don Handy says:

    Great stuff! A brief historical overview, well-produced, with an excellent hostess. Thanks! I’m looking forward to more in the series.

  2. Miguel Oniga says:

    I used to leave my bike at a schoolmate’s house just in front of the old school, and this guy had an older brother who showed us Bob’s first records. He seemed ancestral. He had come down from somewhere and that frail young body coundn’t just be it. He – and I and all – had to have a soul.

  3. Randy Markward says:

    Dylan is still the most important musician and songwriter in my lifetime. He may not be a god, but then again….. who knows. He and Martin Luther King, Jr. are the only people in the last 60 years to say anything worth listening to.

  4. Debra Rodman says:

    NEED MORE patti smith on bob dylan let her rip do more and more give us more she’s the real thing n so he is so there’s no one better to bring in the info and understanding poet to poetess master to master.

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