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Sly and the Family Stone (Part 3)

Posted by Podmaster On September - 10 - 2007

Sly Stone

On our third episode, Chuck D, Rose Stone and Joel Selvin discuss the style and musical complexities of SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE. The hit “Thank You For Letting Me By Myself” is also a point of discussion. Ben Fong-Torres hosts.

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One Response to “Sly and the Family Stone (Part 3)”

  1. Kiambu AbdulMalik Akhdarr says:

    Jimi Hendrix and Sly Stone were 2 of the heaviest Black Mucians ever to influence me. Unlike Jimi,Sly didnt die a musical death but a musical one. He is just as much of a musical genious as Hendrix himself only that their geniouse ran parallel each other rather than opposite each other. It is regretful that when they both made plans to jam with each other it was the night of Jimi’s death [Mitch Mitchell,Jimi’s drummer tells us in his book INSIDE THE EXPERIENCE] Sly recently emerged from obscurity,playing at BB King’s here in New York and I can only hope a rocking album will soon follow. Id love to see him return. Hopefully Im not asking for to much. No one could ever emulate his I WANT TO TAKE YOU HIGHER better than he done it as few could emulte the works of Hendrix as originated. I give my full support to Sly and the Family Stone and may their return be soon

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