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Bob Dylan Podcast – Episode 4

Posted by Podmaster On October - 24 - 2007

The Bob Dylan Podcast

Dylan goes from acoustic to electric and people react. Geroge Wein, Anthony DeCurtis, John Hiatt and Dylan himself are featured. Patti Smith hosts.

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4 Responses to “Bob Dylan Podcast – Episode 4”

  1. gail shepherd says:

    thank you patti. very entertaining, informative, and interesting. the more i hear, the more i think i missed out, but i’m getting it now. saw dylan’s last tour at the forum. he wouldn’t turn around from his keyboards, still i thank him for sharing and inspiring so many people who have influenced me. the patti smith group expanded my life like dylan did for so many before.

  2. Don Handy says:

    I appreciated finally hearing something positive about Dylan’s “conversion,” which, as the title of “Bringing It All Back Home” relates, was actually the returning to his rock’n’roll roots. It seems to me that to accentuate the inclusiveness of the album – my all-time favorite, by the way – is more in tune, no pun intended, with what the album is, rather than focus on how some narrow-minded people found it alienating. There’s something on that album for everyone to appreciate; tender love ballads, protest tunes, humor and incisive social-political introspections.

    Griel Marcus does an astounding job in his comment on “Like A Rolling Stone,” coming-off as both clueless and simplistic at the same time. I appreciated hearing John Hyatt’s remembrance of his first encounter with the song, however.

  3. Miguel Oniga says:

    When I was a child in the late 50s and early 60s the whole thing was based on piano with the notes hanging there. When I saw a picture of The Dave Clark Five with an electric piano I thought Thank God it’s over.

  4. MF Foster says:

    I can still clearly recall the early electric songs and their impact-I began to realize that I could become so much more than a folk singer. The impact of poetry and rock music forever expanded my writing and experience and led me down some dark, twisted roads leading to the presentiment of a dream. And some dreamers never waken.

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