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Duncan Sheik – The Billy Joel Podcast

Posted by Podmaster On August - 3 - 2008

The Stranger

On this episode, Grammy and Tony award-winning songwriter Duncan Sheik talks about Billy and his impressions of The Stranger.

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One Response to “Duncan Sheik – The Billy Joel Podcast”

  1. chamblyss says:

    Nobody has ever done another album like this. This captured the Long Island I knew in 1977. While its appeal is universal, if you grew up here, to hear a singer sing a phrase such as “Brenda and Eddie” with the intonation Billy Joel gives it, you know you’re hearing about Long Island from a Long Islander’s point of view. “Sergeant O’Leary is walkin’ the beat/At night he becomes a bartender/He works at Mister Cacciatori’s down on Sullivan Street/Across from the medical center” is somehow, simultaneously funny and completely realistic. Again, the tone of voice is everything; a sort of staccato insinuation on Joel’s part works a stand-up comedy effect. And yet, certainly, a cop who has to make ends meet by working at a bar across the street from one of those buildings which are a cross between a doctor’s office and a hospital is easily imagined. In any case, THE STRANGER is a masterpiece of pathos, musicianship and spirit.

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