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Willie Nelson’s True Outlaw Stories – Part 2

Posted by Podmaster On April - 28 - 2008

Willie Nelson’s True Outlaw Stories continue by introducing you to Willie’s longtime drummer, Paul English, as immortalized in Willie’s classic song, “Me and Paul.” When Paul joined the band in 1966, he also became the guy who handled the money after the shows.

Willie’s road manager, Poodie Locke and harmonica player Mickey Raphael discuss Paul’s role as the boss/judge on tour, and the guns he carried to help him deal with the shady club owners.

Paul is also very grateful of the opportunities Willie gave him. When asked what he would be doing if not on tour with Willie, Paul says his answer is always, “Time…I’d be doing time. I would have killed something somewhere.”

Featured songs on Rhapsody:
“The Harder they Come,” “Me and Paul,” “Nite Life,” “If You’ve Got the Money I Got the Time.”

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Producer: Joyride Media


Producer Paul Chuffo (holding microphone) interviews Paul English (right) in Austin, TX, March 2008. English’s brother, Bill is on the couch to the left.

Photo: John Rosenfelder.


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