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The Willie Nelson Podcast Episode 3

Posted by Legacy Recordings On April - 22 - 2008

In the early/mid 1970s, Willie Nelson knew he was “on to something” in Austin, TX, but still had to deal with the Nashville music biz when making records. If RCA, his label at the time, wanted to add strings to make Willie’s records sound more commercial, there was nothing he could to stop them. His only recourse was to let his contract expire and move on to another label that would give him full artistic control.

After a brief, two-album stint at Atlantic Records, Willie Nelson finally got what he wanted when he moved to CBS Records with his 1975 album, Red Headed Stranger. It wasn’t what they thought would be commercial, but it ended up being Willie’s first #1 album. The more Willie did things his own way, the more records he sold, and struck gold again a few years later with jazz standards on the LP Stardust.

[Editors Note: The irony is not lost on the Legacy Podcasters here at Sony BMG Music, the current home of both the RCA and CBS labels. We’re sure Willie notices, too.]

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